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  • Why Choose Us

  • In many ways a good mortgage advisor is one of the best kept secrets in the industry and this could be your chance to take advantage of my expertise and experience.

    I believe that mortgage advice isn’t just for people who are having difficulty finding credit or those with specialist requirement’s, and certainly isn’t just about the getting the lowest rates.

    Buying a property is likely to be the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime, therefore a good mortgage advisor can help you save thousands over the lifetime of your loan. But I hope to go much further than that, by giving you the understanding of how to take control of your finances and keeping your hard earned money where it should be, in your own pocket and not inflating the profits of the banks or financial institutions. Additionally recommending and arranging for your important investment to be fully protected.

    As a Professional Mortgage Expert, I can help you find the right mortgage and protection for your needs and advise you on the best way to proceed by. Acting on your behalf NOT the lender.

    We work with a number of lenders from across the market to find the most suitable mortgage deal available to you. Talking objectively to lenders on your behalf, whereas if you go direct to a lender they cannot offer you any advice about the best choices available to you.

    By dealing with all stages of the mortgage process from your initial enquiry, to recommending the best package for you, submitting the full mortgage application, right the way through to completion, therefore reducing the stress of your house purchase.

    Making you aware of the full cost of a mortgage, not just an attractive headline rate that may conceal hidden costs.

    By being available in person to discuss in depth your individual circumstances, before recommending any mortgage or insurance products, specifically tailored to you.

    In summary, the best way to get mortgage and protection is to use a mortgage broker and that is where Mark Braisher Mortgages can help you. Not just for your current needs, but also for any future requirements such as re-mortgages, buy to let mortgages or any funding or protection needs should you have a change of circumstances.